My health and fitness board on Pinterest

My health and fitness board on Pinterest

I have a lot of information of here. Feel free to poke about!


The Bench Press

Hello my Fitness peeps, 

I am sorry to have been gone so long. 

No worries, I have much to share. 

Love Hope 

remember your awesome!

the beginning of the end and the beginning?…

ok Day 1,

actually this started a few months ago. Or maybe it actually started when my parents were health nuts. The best kind of nut really because it makes you better about life. In general, living. Anyway I am hoping to keep track of my diet, exerciser habits, and accomplishments ect. ect. ect.

so Day-I-am-actually-going-to-keep-track-1

breakfast- eggs + bacon + coffee + Russian tea

drank 2 water bottles of water, one with aloe concentrate in it.

lunch – two leftover pieces of pizza and two bread sticks

ok thats it for today so far.