Migraines: the curse of the beautiful brain…

Hello healthy friends!

I have had a recent bought of migraines to go with this beautiful weather we have been seeing. What has caused it? I am a little unsure but I have one theory to do with Fish Oil pills I have been taking quite steadily. Fish Oil is used as a stimulant for your brain matter. It also is good for skin, digestion, weight loss ect. [I will do a post about it latter.] But I think that since I upped my dosage too quickly my brain could not handle all the goodness so que the headaches! At least this is my theory for the moment.

Since I was subjected to the truly terribly pain and other equally bad symptoms [nausea, fainting, weakness ect.] I was on the lookout for some really good solutions to the head-hurt-monsters. Here is the information that I was able to glean from the internet and my dear organic friend Madi.

47 million Americans have suffered from severe to debilitating headaches in the last three months. Now I found a range of things from home health remedies to pretty expensive biofeedback and acupuncture. There was physical approaches like massage, stretching, and aerobic exercises. As well as the old fashioned “just take a NSAID!” like Advil or Tylenol. There was also meditation mentioned as a form of relaxation to help with headaches. Well, while all of these have varying levels of usefulness or even ridiculousness here is what I did to help alleviate my own levels of brain pain.

1) I slept a lot. Sleeping it off is a pretty good start. If you can still feel your headache while you are asleep proceed to level two.

2) Drink a lot of water. A lot of regular headaches are caused by dehydration. Time to get your drink on!

3) Peppermint oil. A lot of peppermint oil! I rubbed it on my forehead, my neck, I also put some on my earlobes, navel and big toes which are all pressure points for head and neck.

4) Yes I did give in and take a couple Advil. I only recommend this as a last ditch resort if it is really bad. And as always if you headaches do not get better go see a M.D., because it could be the symptom of something else that is more severe.

Now along with that I think you can avoid a lot of headaches by eating healthy, exercising, and getting fresh air. But sometimes things just happen and it is good to be informed. That is why I decided to write about it.

If you have any questions just let me know!

stay healthy and awesome!

Hope L

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