Migraines: the curse of the beautiful brain…

Hello healthy friends!

I have had a recent bought of migraines to go with this beautiful weather we have been seeing. What has caused it? I am a little unsure but I have one theory to do with Fish Oil pills I have been taking quite steadily. Fish Oil is used as a stimulant for your brain matter. It also is good for skin, digestion, weight loss ect. [I will do a post about it latter.] But I think that since I upped my dosage too quickly my brain could not handle all the goodness so que the headaches! At least this is my theory for the moment.

Since I was subjected to the truly terribly pain and other equally bad symptoms [nausea, fainting, weakness ect.] I was on the lookout for some really good solutions to the head-hurt-monsters. Here is the information that I was able to glean from the internet and my dear organic friend Madi.

47 million Americans have suffered from severe to debilitating headaches in the last three months. Now I found a range of things from home health remedies to pretty expensive biofeedback and acupuncture. There was physical approaches like massage, stretching, and aerobic exercises. As well as the old fashioned “just take a NSAID!” like Advil or Tylenol. There was also meditation mentioned as a form of relaxation to help with headaches. Well, while all of these have varying levels of usefulness or even ridiculousness here is what I did to help alleviate my own levels of brain pain.

1) I slept a lot. Sleeping it off is a pretty good start. If you can still feel your headache while you are asleep proceed to level two.

2) Drink a lot of water. A lot of regular headaches are caused by dehydration. Time to get your drink on!

3) Peppermint oil. A lot of peppermint oil! I rubbed it on my forehead, my neck, I also put some on my earlobes, navel and big toes which are all pressure points for head and neck.

4) Yes I did give in and take a couple Advil. I only recommend this as a last ditch resort if it is really bad. And as always if you headaches do not get better go see a M.D., because it could be the symptom of something else that is more severe.

Now along with that I think you can avoid a lot of headaches by eating healthy, exercising, and getting fresh air. But sometimes things just happen and it is good to be informed. That is why I decided to write about it.

If you have any questions just let me know!

stay healthy and awesome!

Hope L

migraines                        chick with headhurt


The power of Pinterest!

Ok, I know that Pinterest is changing the way people get informed about health. Do you have a Pinterest account? I do, and I really enjoy it for a couple different reasons. It is like a collection of all my hopes, dreams and goals. If you have no idea what I am talking about go on http://pinterest.com/  and get one. You will not be sorry. Ok, you might be a little  sorry for a little while but that will pass and then you will sucked in for hours, which is not technically a bad thing,  especially when it comes to fitness.  Surprised? Keep listening, you are going to go through what I call the four stages of pinterst-fit-spiration.  Which I discovered when I went through all the stages. And then witnessed both of my sisters go through the stages.

Stage 1) You are going to be in the Pinterest craze. So you are going to be wildly pinning things that look cool or motivating without taking a lot of time to really read it or peruse it. Your going to be feeling things like “look at all my cool pins, I wish I would get out and work out more… NAH… Oh look that is a sweet cake recipe ” and “look at those clothes I want to fit into, or models I wish I was as skinny as… sigh…  I know! Ill pin some fitness pins and work out more!” (but you don’t.) Then you end up with a ton of pins but not a lot of good content. 

Stage 2) You start to get more selective about what pins you pin because you subconsciously realize how much time you are spending sitting around pinning. So you pin less, but better pins. And something else happens, you start to realize what you like. And who your like and things you like. Pinterst is really  more about self discovery than anything, another reason for it’s life change-ability. 

Stage 3) You realize that you are literally just sitting around pinning pins about fitness and easy work outs and could actually be getting fit and doing things! What a novel idea! So you shut off you computer, put on shoes and foo for a run! Only to spend about 2 minutes running to realize how out of shape you have gotten. meh, well that is why we have things called motivational pins! Pictures merely to infuse your mind with motivation for when you are not feeling it and tips for ways to keep yourself accountable and easy work outs for people who don’t have a gym membership but do have a chair! or a floor!  

Stage 4) You do it. This was the best part I realized what valuable tool pinterest is and how great some of the pins that offered truly great information and only went on when I wanted to look up things or find a new workout or good running song lists or food to get. And this ends with minimal time on Pinterest and maximum time out doing the things you pinned.

So long story short it really does change your mind set about what you can and can not do. You start out thinking you need things to work out, “I need a gym membership,”  or “I need running shoes” or “I need to be skinny enough to run in a sports bra” but then you slowly realize a couple of things at least I did.

1. You don’t really need anything to start working out and getting healthy, except the gumption and self discipline to actually shut your computer off, get off your bum and get out there and do it!

2.  There is a whole group of people in the world who are dedicated to the idea of health, in all its facets. If it is nutrition, or motivation, or workout type. I mean think of all the trainers who specialize in all the different sports or body building or dancing or yoga or anything. Seriously, and it is a great group of people, granted you will have a couple of people who are faster, or stronger or better than you but guess what? It does not matter, what matters is that you are trying and that you are doing something to change! and we can all respect that! And that goes for everyone from the mom who runs after the kids are in bed to the Olympic athletes who live to train and win.

3. It genuinely takes away your excuses for not doing it. I am serious. It gives you all the possible resources and motivation to get healthier. It takes away any excuses you could come up with. Don’t have a gym membership? No problem. Feel to fat to start? Perfect. Feel incompetent to work out? You can do it. Feel like your going to get judged? Screw the haters. Hate running? look at all these other options? Feeling weak? Work out more to get stronger! This is about you and its about being the best you that you can be.  Can you see why I love it?

Now there are so many different pins but I will include a few examples of some themes and pins you should have a few of on your Health board if you get one, or if you just like perusing.

The motivational Pins! 

motivational pin 1   motivational pin 2    motivational pin 3 motivational pin 4    motivational pin 6motivational pin 5 133559945169153808_6qmW5shR_b 207447126555501368_Aoh9eBR3_b 

The Info graphs!

info graph 2   info graph 1   76631631129394851_wjVYzhgD_b  24347654205394401_GmI3sAn9_b

there are a lot more but none of them are the right dimensions to make sense on here so you will have to settle by going on pinterest and finding them. Seriously they are quite worth it. A lot of information in a short info graph is great for people who are busy but want to learn.

Now these are some of the most important pins,

The workout pins!

work out 1 work out 2 work out 3 work out 4 work out 5 2111131045459497_Awq7KSwN_b

Not to mention the Work out videos!




and Then there are the food pins!

65091157084265062_pU6cVkOR_b        18155204718678882_uhbKyscX_b         55591376620827010_YHn9Ybou_b 55591376620826889_pfa4wMwi_b          228205906089147231_Rovu7gmZ_b           321514860867632830_2utw4TpD_b

So that is just a taste there are a lot of different options as far as information out there that is easily accessible. And a lot of it is good. So this is just another tool you can use to really get out there and get healthy. There is a lot of accessible information and a lot of really inspiring things to help you get started. So do it. Right now. Throw on some cloths and go do something, get your blood pumping! If you are hungry go eat a yummy healthy snack! Make small choices, make big choices. Choose. Follow through and you will see some amazing results. I know I do. And you got a lot of people who want to see you succeed! Remember that it is as easy as walking out the front door and starting. Today could be the start of the new you, a different strong you.

If you would like to follow my health board on Pinterest here is the link http://pinterest.com/marinechild/health/

Remember your awesome, and I believe in you.

Running vs. other cardio activities

This is a pretty big topic for discussion but I just want to touch on it a little due to the fact that it is also my favorite. There is a lot of information out there for if you should or should not run as your main cardio activity or exsersize program. When I first started running I hated it I thought it was awful because I would get out of breath and feel sick. I educated myself on better form for running, and starting cross training and that helped but what really helped was  running more. It helps itself and it helps you, for whatever your goals are. Now the more I educated myself the more and more I saw the two sides of the division. Running is GOOD for you! VS. Running is BAD for you!

 The Good: Running is one of the top cardio work outs you can do. If you like interval running it helps get your heart mussel strengthen because it speeds up and rests, speeds up then rests.It’s like flexing and resting.  This quick to slow ratio, no matter how you do it, is really good for helping to strengthen your heart while acclimating your body to the speed. It gets your blood pumping but allows your body time to adapt so you do not have to worry about pushing your heart to its limit and causing damage.

Now while that is a really good program it is not easy to keep track of it you want to know your limits or time or distance. So if you want to do endurance running and just see how far you can go, a slow build up program would be better for you. Because jumping into the “lets go 20 miles!” mind set without any previous training is really bad for your body. A slow building program where everyday you go longer or farther is better because you can build on your mussels (and give you body time to rest) while contributing to your overall health. I like this kind of training best because it has literal goals you can set like “I am going to get to 7miles a week by this time frame” and actually keep track of it. There are a lot of programs now that you can put on your phone and take with you for runs as well. I use  http://www.endomondo.com/login  and making goals and seeing yourself attain them just helps you get more pumped!  This kind of training also is good if you want to see how hard you can go for a long  period of time. Strengthening your heart in this way will help your body overall and extends your life span. But with long distance, or pushing yourself farther you do have the chances of pulling mussels, shin splints, ect, and in rare cases scarring on heart tissue. A lot of it has to do with knowing your body, knowing when to quit, and what your body needs to build mussel instead of stressing out the mussel you already have. Which applies to pretty much all exsersizing programs with few exceptions.

The Bad: The worst things I have seen for running come down to two things really

1) pulled mussels and shin splints

3) it is a high impact sport, this means it takes a toll on your joints

2) heart scarring from endurance running

Now from a few articles I have read and I think most runners would agree with me is that if  don’t push yourself way beyond your limits and take decent rest periods, shin splints and mussel pulling is pretty much eliminated. I have found no difference with stretching before hand or not so figure out what works for you and if you get shin splints easy try  to run on softer paths, try sand or grass. Do some trail running, not only is the ground relatively have more give (depending on where you are) but its beautiful and different running patterns keeps your body guessing!  But they are two things that can happen and you should be aware of if you want to run often. http://speedendurance.com/2009/04/09/what-causes-shin-splints-how-to-prevent-them-and-treatment/ This in an article which talks about shin splints and how to avoid them.

Running is a high impact sport. That is just the nature of it, pounding the ground when your run is not great for your joints. Running with good form helps alleviate this, running on softer ground also helps. I try to run on softer routes. It’s hard in the city but get out there. Beaches are a intense run area but so beautiful and worth it! At some point if you are really getting into running, you have to look at the cost effective ratio, how good it is for you overall vs. the damage that may be happening. And again knowing your body and how it is reacting. If your family has a history of joint issues you might want to try bike riding or swimming, it is up to you! Just get out there and do it!

As far as heart scarring I have only heard of this a couple times and have found a really good article from DR.Mercola to be helpful for making goals and planning for endurance running. http://fitness.mercola.com/sites/fitness/archive/2011/03/22/beware–new-study-finds-too-much-cardio-can-hurt-your-heart.aspx  Now he outlines a whole training program with sprints and various interval kinds of cardio. Take from it what you will.

Other Cardio: Now as far as other options there is pretty much anything that can get your heart rate up there. I have included a info-graph with a couple of different options on there to give you a better idea of options.




Now you see what I know, and it’s not an exhaustive list to be sure. And I have not covered all the different things that can happen with running but hopefully this will help you make informed choices and help you to get out there and do something good for your body! That really is the most important thing, because it does not matter what you do as long as you do it! So get off your computer and go do something! It is as easy as putting on your shoes and getting out the front door!

Love ya’ll!


the beginning of the end and the beginning?…

ok Day 1,

actually this started a few months ago. Or maybe it actually started when my parents were health nuts. The best kind of nut really because it makes you better about life. In general, living. Anyway I am hoping to keep track of my diet, exerciser habits, and accomplishments ect. ect. ect.

so Day-I-am-actually-going-to-keep-track-1

breakfast- eggs + bacon + coffee + Russian tea

drank 2 water bottles of water, one with aloe concentrate in it.

lunch – two leftover pieces of pizza and two bread sticks

ok thats it for today so far.