My name is Hope. I am dedicated to the idea of healthy living, in all its multi-faceted aspects. I love all of it. The working out, the eating healthy, the sweat, the tears, the motivation, the lack of motivation, the moments when you win, the moments when you loose and you start over.

Life is a process and I believe to achieve the absolute best kind of life that you can involves making a serious effort to be healthy.   I think that your quality of life will increase and that will improve your experience over all.

I believe people dedicated to a cause are beautiful.

I think being healthy is beautiful.

I think accepting yourself is a really big part of becoming an adult. Taking a real look at yourself in reflection and being completely brutally honest about where you are at in life. Overweight? Depressed? Starved, mentally or physically? or even spiritually?  Mean? Hurt? Drowning? Look at yourself see what you like, more importantly see what you don’t like and then make the choice to change. It truly is that simply, it is the steps to actual change that are more difficult and complex. But vital, and with those great and small changes you will see yourself change.

Now I am no expert, I am not even going to collage. I work full time. I struggle working out everyday, I am a bit overweight and I have dandruff. It happens. I am not that crazy fit girl with amazing discipline, I am working towards that. But I want to change peoples lives, I want to help people the best possible kind of life. I am just figuring out what that looks like and how I can change myself into the best person I can be too. I make mistakes, I hit snooze too many times sometimes, and sometimes I eat a lot of zebra cakes. But I think part of becoming an adult is actively trying to be better every time.

I am not talking about control, because I think trying to control everything is really stressful and bad for your relationships and your mind. It’s more about discipline, tell you what, I will write a little something about that latter.

So there you are, just another lady trying to figure out life. If you want to we can to figure it out together. Because if you believe in me and I believe in you well that is a pretty good start. And the world becomes a better place with just that.

sweat and tears



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